Camp Sales Made Easy!

Build brand awareness, get specified AND grow revenue.

What to Expect

Build Brand Awareness

We'll help you broadcast your brand message to the entire summer and day camp market no matter where they live--print, digital, online, mobile, social, email, or special events.

Get Specified

We'll deliver a steady stream of summer and day camp leads and teach you how to get specified for when those jobs are budgeted and approved.

Build Relationships

The camp industry is built on relationships. We'll help you turn leads into friends and customers for life.

Grow Revenue!

And, if you stick with us, we'll repeat this process month-in and month-out so you can grow, grow, grow.

Why This Matters

Summer and day camp owners are hands-on and value personal relationships with vendors who can supply the best product at the best price.

Deal With The Owner

Camp owners and directors are small business specialists--and like to work directly with their vendors. No bidding process. No red tape. No struggling to find the correct contact.

Relationships Count

Camp owners and directors buy from vendors they like and trust--which means a good vendor can have a customer for life.

Great People

Camp people spend their entire life trying to make their communities happier and healthier. They're a joy to work with!

Get It!

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